Honda Fit EX 2011 manual

Honda Fit EX 2011 manual

Vendo Honda Fit EX 2011 1.5 FLEX manual, IPVA 2020 pago, vidros e travas elétricas, direção elétrica, piloto automático, sensor de estacionamento, farol de neblina, pneus em bom estado e veículo revisado. Não aceito troca

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  • average cost of Honda Fit 2011 in Rio de Janeiro is R$30,387 BRL This car is +4% mas expensive que el promedio
This is just a comparison chart, we remind you that exist much things that affect in a car price. Like interior and exterior conditions, equipment, mileage, crashes, debts, legal status among other things. Is really important get contact with the car seller to know more about the history and terms, don't forget check the car before the purchase and investigate debts to avoid trouble

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